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Making it easy to do good

A win-win ecosystem, where you can raise money for your favourite cause for free and businesses can prove that being good is profitable for both them and society.




Link your credit or debit card to the app just by taking a photo of the front of the card.


Using your linked card, choose to spend at Percent partners. There is no added hassle at all, just pay as usual.


As a thank you for choosing to spend with them, our partners will donate to the cause you choose.

It's delightfully simple


It's total freedom

Support the causes you want to: you can choose your favourite cause, and change whenever you like.

It's totally free

As a thank you for spending with them, the retailers donate to the cause you have chosen, not you.

It's totally easy

Link your card to our app, and then just pay using that card as you always have done. Using a sprinkle of Percent magic we make sure the money gets to your chosen cause.


As a society, we can all come together to fix our most challenging problems, one transaction at a time. We are all the same Percent. Let's come together.

Why retailers are joining

Drive business

Benefit from the marketing of top charities and our media partners, driving awareness and positive association of your brand.

Engage with people

Create newfound loyalty and relationships with millennials, based around the cause they care about most.

It's easy

Percent is plug and play: there is no setup or integration or hassle for your staff. Customers pay exactly as normal and we deal with the donation behind the scenes.

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